Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water, but a man of under​standing draws it out.      Provers 20:5.

EQUiNe Therapy

Trauma can be defined as "any life altering event that has lasting effects."  Laurel Parnell describes trauma as "an experience that causes one to develop erroneous beliefs about oneself and the world, and behave in ways that are not skillful."  Trauma can take many forms;  life threating events, childhood abuse or neglect, betrayal. 

Many trauma survivors suffer in silence and live with intrusive thoughts, hyper-vigilance and restrictive behaviors that intrefer with everyday functioning.  As a therapist who has worked at Ground Zero after 911, the Santana shootings and various other Critical Incidents around our city I have experience working with traumatized clients and those suffering from PTSD.

"Grief walks through the door unannounced."

Grief can take many forms.  The death of a love one, end of a relationship, job loss, empty nest, pet loss, health issues etc.  Although grief is a normal part of life, when faced with a loss many of us struggle to navigate through it.  Grief is experienced differently by each individual.  Background, culture, beliefs, gender, personality, life stage, can all have effects on our personal response to loss.  The painful and overwhelming emotions associated with loss can interfere with our relationships, work, and social functioning and leaving us feeling stuck.  I come along side clients through their grief journey and help them move forward in their lives to create a new normal.

Relationships can be a source of great joy and connection, but too often old wounds and hurts interfere with our ability to tap into that joy.  Those wounds can create barriers between couples and manifest in pain and disconnect.  Healthy relationships are about creating secure attachment and connection that allows couples to navigate the inevitable differences that two individuals bring to a relationship.  Through the counseling process I help couples to develop deeper bonds by identifing negative cycles and patterns ofcommunication that interfere with their abiltiy to find fulfillment in each other.


Grief and loss


Equine-assisted psychotherapies (EAP) continue to gain popularity as a legitimate form of treating mental health and behavioral issues.

EAP is mental health therapy taken out of the office and put into an arena with horses. It is experiential in nature, which is helpful to the healing process and is often quicker than traditional talk therapy.

Communication, trust, and bonding between the client and the horse provide a unique opportunity that is not experienced in a traditional therapy session. I am able to use the relationship between the horse and individual to enhance therapeutic goals and objectives. This provides clients an opportunity to identify relational patterns and re-examine their usefulness.

The primary reason we use horses is because a horse will react or respond to a person’s behavior in much the same way that another person will. This is the dynamic that sets the use of horses apart from the use of other animals.  Horses are completely honest in their responses, which allows the client to take responsibility for the relationship they build with a horse and in turn, how that effects their relationships with people.

Christain counseling offered upon request


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